Lounge to relax, chat, drink.
Put your feet up (shoes only belong under the table with us too :-).

Pleasantly sociable. Lounge to be comfortable. Plenty of space, light and a modern open-plan design make it relaxing. Comfortable seating always offers a place where you can work, relax or socialise. After the business meeting, a coffee speciality or a freshly tapped beer. Gathering impressions after your city tour of Innsbruck? Perhaps over a Weiss-Sauer. Fans of media sports and entertainment events will get their money's worth with our flat screen. Of course, our free Wi-Fi is also available here.

  • Do ya like to crouch down?
  • She looks comfy
  • Nice dust traps
  • You're welcome to join...
  • Fancy a drink?

Here's what the lounge has to offer


  • Sitting comfortably in the lounge or on the terrace
  • Drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)
  • Flat screen to watch
  • seasonal offers and promotions

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Thursday 10am to 7:30pm
  • Weekends (current) on request

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