Sustainable Hotel

Sustainable travel?
Our contribution. For environmental protection and saving resources.

Sustainable Hotel: Innovations regarding sustainability have become indispensable for hotels. Our goal: To align Hwest Hotel Hall in a way that our economic success goes hand in hand with the preservation of our ecosystems and the well-being of all people. We understand sustainability in the hotel not as a status quo, but as an opportunity for continuous development.

Learning. Improving. Sticking to it. We are constantly reducing our carbon footprint. What we have already achieved: Regional products for breakfast. Consistent waste recycling in all areas of the hotel. Sustainable textile management. Charging stations for all e-cars. In the course of this year, we will accomplish the following: Photovoltaic system on the hotel roof.

Our sustainable projects



For us at Hwest Hotel Hall, sustainability in the hotel begins in the seemingly simple. That is, in recycling. That means we separate what is thrown away in such a way that it can be collected and recycled. We are constantly working on reducing our overall waste and increasing the amount of recycled waste. We separate our waste consistently. In all hotel areas. From the guest room. All the way to the hotel management office.

Recycling in Austria and its smooth process already works very well for us. About 58% of our waste is recycled directly in Austria. This score ranks us in second place in Europe.The target for Europe is 55% for the year 2025 and 65% for the year 2035. The Austrian waste management sector is thus already on track to meet Europe's targets.

Energy & Emissions


We provide CCS Combo Type 2 fast charging stations, AC slow charging stations and TESLA Superchargers with CCS compatibility at the HWest Hotel Hall. In our underground car park. Passing through on the A12 motorway. City trip to Innsbruck. Whatever reason. While you slumber peacefully in your hotel bed. Nibbling from the breakfast buffet. Your electric car charges super fast and safely in our underground car park. For your next trip.

Did you know? More than 60% of the electricity produced in Austria comes from hydroelectric power sources. Along with wind power, biomass and solar power, about three quarters of the electricity in Austria is generated from renewable sources. The last coal-fired power plant in Austria was taken off the grid in 2020. The electricity mix in Austria is therefore already characterised by very low CO₂ emissions. This makes charging at our Tesla Superchargers particularly sustainable.


For every photovoltaic system on a hotel roof, less coal has to be burned somewhere. Do you like that? We do too! That's why a photovoltaic system is currently being installed on our hotel roof. Photovoltaic systems are a way to effectively reduce electricity costs. Solar power is both profitable and sustainable.

Good to know. Electricity costs in hotels are often very high. Not only because they are usually large buildings. One reason is that guests keep the electricity running in their rooms when they are not present. Help to achieve the climate targets and spare our environment from CO₂. Only leave your smartphone plugged in until it is fully charged. And switch off the light when you leave the room. Thank you so much :-)


If you take buses and trains, you reduce climate-damaging emissions and protect the environment. You can reach Hwest Hotel Hall regardless of whether you have a car or not. Even within the Hall-Wattens-Innsbruck holiday region you can do without a car in full. How? Quite simply! Hall-Thaur train station is just a stone's throw away from Hwest Hotel (450 metres). With connections to all local and long-distance trains. Best of all, with the guest card you can travel free of charge on all buses in the region. No matter where to. Innsbruck. Tulfes. Absam. Mils. Gnadenwald. Hall in Tyrol. Bus travel is relaxed and will bring you to your desired destination.

Facts & Figures: Public transport is climate protection as such: Instead of using a car, you take the bus or train. Saves about 15 million tonnes of CO₂ per year! This is roughly equivalent to the annual emissions of a city like Vienna with its households, traffic and industry.

Being local & regional


Who and where from. You want to know where it all comes from? So do we! We buy your breakfast milk from Tyrol Milk. All Tyrol Milk products are made from 100% Tyrolean mountain farmer's milk. Without genetic engineering. With controlled animal health. Cheese is supplied by the Kolsass Dairy. All cheeses from the Kolsass organic dairy are made exclusively from silage-free hay milk. Regional and sustainable. From happy Tyrolean cows that still know the meadow.

Expecting special (sausage) treatment? We get our meat and sausage selection from the Hall Butcher's Hörtnagl. Hörtnagl Butcher is rooted in Tyrolean family tradition. Meat origin 100% from Tyrol and Austria. Tyrolean Marende. Kaminwurzen. Farmyard pig ham. Tyrolean raw ham. All awarded with the guarantee of origin "grown and refined in Tyrol". For a good feeling right at breakfast: Healthier. Better taste. Small CO₂ footprint. Enjoy!

Sustainable Textile Management


We source your hotel linen at Hwest Hotel Hall from the Austrian rental textile company SALESIANER. SALESIANER is committed to sustainable textile management and the conscious use of resources.

A code of supply ethics ensures that suppliers also follow ethical principles and transparent management principles. A photovoltaic system on the roof of the company premises means that 50% of the company's energy needs are covered by the power of the sun alone. Terrycloth and bed linen are sourced in 100% organic Fairtrade cotton with Oeko-Tex 100 certification. Eco-driving of the vehicle fleet, recycling management, energy-saving reusable systems and water recycling are further important future topics for the company, which SALESIANER is constantly developing.